Two platforms. 

As a customer, you can choose a body either in steel or in ultralight carbon fiber. We make minor design improvements to refine original factory imperfections and improve functionality. Materials and surfaces are chosen, treated and combined by the best professionals in Scandinavia. Approx 80% of all body metall structure will be replaced, modified or re-created.

This is how You start the next project. 

You begin by announcing your interest by sending your request to us.

A draft proposal is formed during a meeting on site or online. A time frame and budget is set and a booking fee of Euro 5,000 is paid to secure your project slot. We then source a registered 1961-1973 Volvo P1800 as a basis for the restoration and varying degrees of modification. When the work is complete, the car retains its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), odometer reading and is legally registered and licensed.

The Bodywork

Your car is comprehensively disassembled and all parts of the bodywork to be replaced are removed from the car. The metal structure is cleaned to bare metal, normally by acid dipping. All panels affected by rust are replaced. To achieve better rigity and strenght the basic structure receives additional welding, strengthening and fabrication in preparation for its new bodywork. A discreet roll cage in high-strength chrom molybden racing metal is integrated and can be brushed, chromed or painted and/or covered in the same leather or fabric as the interior. The complete body structure is then treated for rust prevention and noise reduction, and finally painted with the same finish inside and out.

Aerodynamics and Carbon Fiber technology.

The carbon fiber bodywork are CAD designed and made of premium pre-preg carbon fiber. These are genuine parts made to motorsport specifications, benefiting from extreme strength and low weight.

Panels replaced with carbon fiber parts are: • Complete front with fenders and nose. • Hood. • Rear fenders. • Shortened trunk lid (when optional rear wing is specified) • Doors (optional)

Improved aerodynamic body parts in carbon fiber:
• Front spoiler with air splitter – ( a flirt to the early Volvo P1800 bumpers).
• Speed-sensitive, active rear wing / air brake.
• Rear diffuser.
• Side skirts – (with a flirt to the original side rubber stone chip protection).

Chassis & Weight.

The P1800 SAINT chassis is developed for maximum driving pleasure with modern Gran Turismo performance. The weight ratio is 51% in front and 49% in rear and a total weight of less than 1100 kg (<2425lb).


The suspensions are fully independent with double wishbones for both front and rear. These are specially developed to obtain the most precise dynamics within the geometry of a Volvo P1800. Rear suspension includes push rod technology, visible in a glass cabinet behind rear bucket seats. Quick and fully adjustable Camber, Caster and Toe by smart excenter design for both front and rear. Road & track coil-over dampers are exclusively designed, tuned and hand made for P1800-SAINT by world famous Swedish manufacturer – Öhlins. These are of course fully adjustable for compression, return and ride height.

Brakes and Steering:

To optimise brake performance and low unsprung weight we have designed our own floating brake discs of the second generation Carbon Ceramic Material with long fibers. Long-fiber ceramic technology requires 3D knitting and then continuous high temperature heat treatment. These discs have three times the strength of traditional CCB with short fibers meaning it´s not only delivering a state of the art performance. They also deliver more safety and a longer life-span than both steel brakes and traditional Carbon Ceramic discs. The result is also less than 60% lighter brake disc than a cast iron equivalent! The dimensions are 330x30mm in front and 320x20mm rear. The four-piston aluminium racing brake calipers are delivered from world famous Italian Brembo just like the mechanical parking brake calipers. Specially designed and developed pads for the innovative P1800 SAINT discs.

Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) are added to meet the expectations from modern drivers. During performance driving, the ABS can be shut off by selecting ”chase mode”. The speed sensitive and adjustable power steering is well tuned to bless you as a driver and your experience behind the steering wheel.

Engines – three alternatives:

Our engines are based on proven Volvo Racing Technology. They are completely disassembled then meticulously blueprinted, balanced and hand-assembled using new or state-of-the-art components. You have a choice of three alternative engines, each with a unique output and character, designed to match the dynamics of the car.

Alt. 1. Nostalgic aspirated carburetor engine  Volvo red-block 4-cylinder, 150+ horsepower engine. The nostalgic engine is comprehensively rebuilt and blueprinted for maximum efficiency. It retains the standard analog engine management system. A sport exhaust system in stainless steel is added.

Alt. 2. Fuel-injected performance engine. Volvo 5-cylinder fuel-injected lightweight aluminum 2.4-liter engine. A high-revving engine with 250+ horsepower. Performance rods, pistons, crank, valves. Sport exhaust system in stainless steel.

Alt. 3. Turbo-charged modern high performance engine. Volvo 5-cylinder, fuel-injected and turbo-charged lightweight aluminum 2.4-liter engine. Performance rods, pistons, crank, valves. Maximum horsepower can be up to 750HP but is normally configurated to a moderate and user friendly level around 450 HP (intended for off-road use only in certain territories).


Optimized lightweight stainless steel exhaust with catalytic converters are tailored for the power characteristics of the uprated engines, with benefits in throttle response, torque distribution, and top-end power. The entire system can be delivered ceramic coated or polished, with specially designed tailpipes.

Transmission The interface between high-tech, nostalgic and masterful design.

A manual stick shift transmission is available for all engine specifications.
In addition, a 7-speed Getrag dual clutch transmission (DCT) is available for the two alternative performance engines. DCT shifting can be operated manually by the responsive sequential stick shift or automatically.

  • Our transmissions are comprehensively stripped and rebuilt to exacting tolerances with new components.
  • The ratios chosen for each engine configuration offer an excellent balance between performance, refinement and touring economy.
  • An electronically controlled Anti Slip Rear traction system (ASR) is used. Selecting ”chase mode” turns the ASR and ABS off.
  • A Gripper limited slip differential is fitted. With lifetime warranty, it allows torque to be transferred to the slipping/spinning wheel, thus increasing traction and corner exit speed. This is a huge benefit to the discerning fast road & track driver. This differential uses the well proven multi-plate principle but is different from other multi-plate differentials in that it is designed to be more progressive in action and minimise torque steer.

As a driving connoisseur you understand that all these technologies will guarantee top-of-the-line vehicle dynamics and joyful driving experience for the P1800 SAINT.

Colors combined with craftmanship

Our design team meticulously research and blend different colors, which are complement to he classic curves of the P1800-SAINT and recall some of the vivid hues pioneered in the 1960s and ’70s. Visit our inspiration studio in Skene/Sweden and experiment, combine and choose between paint colors, leathers, fabrics, carpets, seatbelt and stitching colors for your own SAINT. Only the finest color-bases and clear-coats, are used by our experienced artist in car painting. This ensures a durable and beautiful show finish.

Lucky Seven Wheels

The P1800 SAINT is equipped with unique, newly designed and specially developed 17’’ lightweight forged aluminium wheels. These are all inspired by Volvo classic designs and recall the racing machines of the 1960s and ’70s. The official launch rim for the P1800 SAINT is named ”Lucky 7”. These unique wheels offer endless combinations of trim and color alternatives to give your P1800-SAINT a unique and personal character. The seven spokes can be equipped with ”finger-nails” in Carbon Fiber, Chrome, Gold or in any contrast or matching body color.

  • Wheel sizes are: 7”x17’’ front and 8”x17’’ rear.
  • Tire sizes are 225/45×17 front and 235/40×17 in rear.
  • A road-legal performance, track-based R Compound tire can be specified at no extra cost. These tires are designed for ultimate performance in dry and damp conditions and not recommended for use in rain or standing water.
  • Customers can specify an additional set of wheels in any finish fitted with the track-based tires. This option is for owners who drive their cars regularly on the road but also need a practical and easily accessed wheel / tire combination for track use.

Upholstery and interior design.

The interior design can be personalized in a number of ways by the selection of optional materials and fittings. These items can alter the character of the interior towards a luxury or sporting style, or indeed any combination of the two. Most panels and details can be ordered in genuine visible carbon fiber just like the specially developed 2 spoke steering wheel

2+2 Seating.

SAINT carbon fiber sports bucket seats are created to recall the low backed bucket seats of the 1960s. The seat curve is surprisingly comfortable and is based on iconic design theories by Bruno Mathsson. He taught the world that it is not the amount of padding and flexibility that determines comfort. It is the number of support points for the human anatomy. This design theory has helped us create one of the lightest and most comfortable sport seats ever existed.

SAINT carbon fiber sports bucket seats are created to recall the low backed bucket seats of the 1960s. The seat curve is surprisingly comfortable and is based on iconic design theories by Bruno Mathsson. He taught the world that it is not the amount of padding and flexibility that determines comfort. It is the number of support points for the human anatomy. This design theory has helped us create one of the lightest and most comfortable sport seats ever existed.

  • The backside of the front seats have visible carbon fiber.
  • The front seats have 60 mm (2 7/16 inch) manual height and full length + tilt adjustment. This allows plenty of space for both a petite and a well-grown person of 2 meters (6.5 feet) tall.
  • The front seats come fitted with adjustable headrests.
  • We have created a seat that is both supremely comfortable and supportive, while offering the peak of period sporting elegance.
  • The seats come upholstered in leather, Alcantara or fabric in any combination. There is a wide choice of colors and optional finishes and textures.
  • The front seats are compatible for use with either the standard seatbelts or the optional racing harnesses. You may choose from 25 different colors on your seat belts.
  • The rear integrated bucket seats are upholstered in the same manner as those in the front


The basic design of Volvo P1800 panels are maintained but refined and updated for more premium and luxury layout. More exclusive materials such as leather or technical fabrics are used to match the rest of the interior. Following parts can be optionally ordered with visible carbon fiber – Upper and lower dash, Door armrests, Center consoles, Steering column, Steering Wheel.  Rear wheelhouse with rear bucket seats, Front bucket seats.

Steering wheel and steering.

Volvo P1800 had an iconic two spoke steering wheel for early cars. To achieve a modern sense of performance driving – the P1800 SAINT has speed sensitive servo assistance of course and a smaller version of steering wheel with the same two spoke design. It´s made in a combination of carbon fiber and any leather or suede of your choice. The steering wheel is attached to an adjustable steering column to optimize driving position.

Gauges and Dash.

The original dash and gauges of the early Volvo P1800 probably represent one of the most sofisticated interior designs for a sports car ever. It shows class and a clean, graceful Swedish design. The beautiful gauges are reminiscent of exclusive designs from the most exclusive watch makers. The P1800 SAINT has preserved the main dashboard layout, only using more exclusive materials for the surfaces and more modern technology for the gauges. All three rear-view mirrors operate through digital camera technology.

Tailor made Audio system.

The ultra exclusive audio system is specially-developed for the P1800 SAINT. It has all the modern features you need, such as DAB radio and Bluetooth© for streaming music. The audio system includes a subwoofer and six speakers. Our Acoustic Engineer is one of the most recognized in the business. This is how he describes the audio system:
”The sound system, tailor-made for SAINT, with its muscular elegance and fantastic history, leaves no one untouched. A large portion of time and mutual love has been invested to create feelings above all sound impressions, directly conveyed to you from the ”stage” in front of you. Expect a fantastic soundscape, well balanced albeit on the analytical side with a tasteful presence and weight as a mantra. Hardware from Denmark’s Scan-Speak and Germany’s Helix guarantees a senseless, uncompromising quality – This together with our expertise constitutes the foundation of the music intermediary in The Saint.

Mr. Andreas Lindén
Acoustic Engineer, Project Manager

With sense for details and exclusive arts

Connoisseurs may well appreciate the simplicity and functionality of analogue classic cars. However, our experience is that most people rarely want to compromise when it comes to quality and practical ease of use. So a SAINT include extravagant functions as standard such as;
key less go, soft close, air conditioning, power windows operated with classic handle,
led light technology, – interior ambient light plus other details only found on modern premium cars.

The P1800-SAINT represents the world’s foremost example where design with classic elegance have been united with ultra-modern technology, performance and luxury. In this way a SAINT becomes not only a piece of jewelry to admire in your collection, but also an incredible experience to drive. Each car is individually created with a unique essence of style and components that reflect who you are. To order a SAINT is your journey towards bespoke exclusivity at the highest level and you are guaranteed something no one else can get.

Safety first

The Swedish engineers at Volvo have for several decades been at the forefront of developing safe cars and safety systems that we take for granted in the vast majority of cars today. Knowledge, requirements and conditions look completely different today compared to how it was in the 1960s. Compared to an original Volvo P1800, a P1800-SAINT has increased torsional stiffness and a generally much stronger chassis with improved crash zones. A safety roll bar built with high strength chrommolly steel is connected to the reinforced chassis. All four seats have integrated safety belts, with a three-point roll function in the front and waist belts with a roll function in the back. Even an original 1961 Volvo P1800 was equipped with disc brakes in front, P1800-SAINT has been equipped with Carbon Ceramic discs all around which, together with anti-lock brakes, provide extreme braking performance. The well-balanced wheel suspensions together with an anti-skid system guarantee maximum grip that does not offer unpleasant surprises. The question of how we best develop safety and user-friendliness has been present throughout the development of the P1800-SAINT. An example is the simple and beautiful solution for attaching a towing hitch, both front or rear in case you should need it.