The P1800 SAINT is based and shaped from the original, beloved and iconic Volvo P1800. With great respect to its originators, who created a car that is placed in the Hall of Fame among the best designs during the 20th century, each P1800 SAINT project is led by the most reputed and knowledgeable sports car company in Scandinavia – von Braun Sports Cars.

With almost half a century of experience from working, racing and driving cars made by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, McLaren, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Porsche, Maserati, Bentley and Rolls Royce – we dare say that no one has better comparison skills and benchmark experience than von Braun.

Hans Philip Zachau – Head of Design,   Linus Mistander – Technical Design & Layout,   Pelle Petterson – Originator of Volvo P1800 design, Jerker Sandberg  – Construction & Body framework, Torbjörn von Braun – Founder of von Braun Sports Cars and initiator of the SAINT concept.

The P1800 SAINT team includes professional designers with a heritage from the Volvo Cars design department and is led by Zachau Design. In co-operation with the most experienced technicians and craftsmen from the sportscar, racing, restoration and custom car trade in Sweden, the P1800 SAINT is created as a high-end product for the modern sports car driver, collector and connoisseur.


Each car is created individually for our customers. Modifications are based on contemporary design elements, together with modern aerodynamics and driver requirements. This creative, bespoke automotive art takes place in the heart of the Volvo district on the west coast of Sweden, with access to the world’s leading suppliers of Volvo P1800 spare parts next door. 

Heritage & Passion 

A perfect creation worthy of a Saint can only be refined through respect and understanding of culture and history.

The P1800 SAINT team grew up with Volvo P1800s. At Friday nights, we occupied the family’s TV couch and watched the next episode of ”The Saint” with Sir Roger Moore as ”Simon Templar”, driving his Volvo P1800. With the love of our youth in the passenger seat, we set our first speed record in a P1800. Under a night sky illuminated by the northern light and midsummer sun, we have seen the beauty of the car reflect in the eyes of admirers. Perfect creation worthy of a Saint can only be refined through respect and understanding of culture and history.

Passing on this legacy of dreams and passion to the next millennium became important to us. That’s why the P1800 SAINT concept was created.